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            Start your study of web programming with html. We will begin to merge some CCS into your pages as we proceed. This tutorial starts with very basic HTML and assumes the user has no knowledge of any kind about programming.  Use NotePad or WordPad  with the PC or teachtext with the Mac to write your code. Change the name ending from .txt to .html and open it with your browser to examine your design. Start with the HTML 101 tutorial.If you give me 2 hrs a day 6 days a week for 3 months you can develope a usable working relationship with html, CSS and javascript. You will be able to write web pages from scratch using creative styles and learn the incredible input and data manipulation ability of javascript. You will be a programmer. You will be able to continue to other programming languages like PHP, bootstrap, Ajac, C++ and java without any problems. Without a live teacher it will be difficult, so I have left my phone number and e-mail address for tough areas if needed.  My email address is Make the e-mail subject ‘tutorials’ and I will respond to them.   Call me at 209 985-4985 if you run into a wall. Keep making and save your own web pages as you proceed through the tutorials.

          HTML: (Hyper Text Markup Language) Basics:This will help you to get the basics down. It deals with the way html handles the style and structure of your web pages.  Simple tables and lists are covered. The styling includes font color, text-alignment, borders color and size of your page.  Look carefully at the code and try to duplicate and change the lessons in your own web pages.

          CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) This will be gradually inserting into the HTML tutorials and will also be covered more in depth with the CSS tutorials.  Although you can create a lot of styles just using html, CSS will make it a lot easier and allow  more overall control.

          Javascript is the meat of programming. It will allow user input, manipulate the input and produce usable output. We will be starting at the very begining and work into more advanced levels later.  Variables, arrays.  manipulating user input with alerts and prompts, functions, loops, if, and, or when and while statements will be covered in detail along with much much more…..and thats before we get to advanced javascript.PHP is a server scripting language, and a powerful tool for making dynamic and interactive Web pages. It is free and works well on the server side.

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