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More Beautiful Purses


Patricia Holt, Book Editor, San Francisco Chronicle: “A gorgeous oversized book with 574 color plates. Haertig provides both scholarship and tongue-in-cheek commentary as she describes fashion trends in purses.”

Tacie Richardson, American Library Association Booklist: “Haertig’s study of the purse is not just a documentation of its evolution as part of daily wear, although she does this thoroughly and authoritatively. What makes the massive volume interesting is the author’s sense of history, her ability to see the purse as a thread running through cultural and social history. Each type of purse is accorded its own chapter. Adding wit to this stylishly photo-illustrated information, Haertig includes stories about the personalities involved in purse design and manufacture, purses belonging to famous persons and amusing anecdotes about people as diverse as Mozart and Louella Parsons. Although quite an investment, this beautifully produced tome is a welcome addition to thorough decorative art collections.”

Louisville Kentucky Filson Club Historical Society: “More Beautiful Purses is a godsend to those of us in the museum profession; we are saved extraordinary amounts of time in research when there is such an excellent source as this to which we can refer.”

Josephine R., purse collector, Forest Hills, NY:
“…I received your book More Beautiful Purses two days ago. I have not been able to put it down since. The text is fabulous. Every paragraph is so ‘readable’ yet informative. At this point I feel like I truly am in antique purse heaven.
Thank you for hundreds (I plan to read each paragraph three plus times) of hours of pleasure.”

Lydia N. of Hermosa Beach, CA:
“I bought “More Beautiful Purses” from you at the March Pasadena Bustamonte Show. I was with my mother and husband and you were nice enough to spend a great deal of time discussing purses with us.
I wanted to tell you how much I’m enjoying your book, it’s truly magnificent!”

Kathy F., purse collector:
“I wanted to enclose a note to tell you that your books are simply wonderful! We are thoroughly enjoying them. Thank you for putting this information into such a beautiful book. You certainly are a talented lady and your work is suburb.”

Reference and Research Book News: “A comprehensive reference for collectors, costume designers, museums, and antique dealers. The research is serious and thorough, the writing clear, and the production values – color, paper stock, design – exemplary. A formidable achievement (and investment), particularly for a small press.”

Mary Gotschalk, Fashion Editor, San Jose Mercury: “A sumptuous 6.5 pound feast of informative, entertaining text accompanied by 574 color and 341 black and white photographs. The definitive book on antique handbags.”

Ralph and Terry Kovel, Antiques Incorporated: “It doesn’t seem possible that after writing the very informative Antique Combs and Purses, Evelyn Haertig could publish another important book filled with information about her favorite subject, but she did! More Beautiful Purses is expensive but worth the price.”

Sharon S., former Magazine Art Director: “… I want you to know I truly admire your work & your dedication. I aspire to create and dedicate with your life in mind. As a former Art Director & Production Director on magazines, I fully understand the self publishing task you took on and clap loudly for the beautiful job you did!! Thank you for preserving the memory of a part of all women’s history for us!”

Michelle S. W., purse collector from Independence, Missouri:
“I wanted to send you a note to let you know how much I’m enjoying your new book “More Beautiful Purses” ! It is very well researched and beautifully photographed. Although I’m not quite finished reading it yet, I know it will serve as another excellent reference book on the subject. I have read and reread “Antique Combs and Purses” & enjoy it every time. It has helped me considerably in my collecting.”

Purse Museum, Hendrikje, Amsterdam, Holland: “As for books about purses, More Beautiful Purses has no peers.”

Joan, purse collector:
“I enjoy the book on two levels: the clear, logical organization and the serious research provided. An extraordinary piece of work.”

Charles W. Rice: Retired President, Whiting & Davis Co. Inc.: “More Beautiful Purses is the most accurate, informative and beautiful book ever written on the subject of purses. Metals are especially well done.”

Emyl Jenkins, Author, A.S.A.: “It is hard to say enough about Evelyn Haertig’s splendid book More Beautiful Purses. Many books stun you with gorgeous pictures. Others hold you with fascinating historical information. Few successfully combine the two. Haertig has so masterfully woven an immensely readable text with exquisite pictures in this handsome volume, that you will move it back and forth from your reference shelf to your coffee table, for it is equally at home in both places.”

Matt, Contemporary Purse Designer: “Thank you for the gift of knowledge and providing me with such a wonderful resource.”

Beadwrangler.com: “I just received this book for review and it is truly the most comprehensive material I have ever seen on beaded, needlework and mesh purses. The first words that come to mind are ‘awesome, inspirational, extraordinary, and magnificent.’ You will find page after page of exquisite photographs of beaded purses…..” continue reading this extensive article

Judith A. Hunt, of
This Old Purse on Ruby Lane.com: More Beautiful Purses is considered by most serious purse collectors to be the “Bible” of purse collecting. Ms. Haertig does an outstanding job of taking us through the history of purses, the process of constructing all different types of purses, different styles of purses, purse frames, beads and so, so much more. Her book is augmented by some of the most unique and gorgeous purses ever to be seen. If anyone is a serious purse collector or even interested in this fabulous lost art, this is definitely the first book you should buy.

Jennifer M., purse collector:
“Just yesterday I received a copy of our magnificent volume, “More Beautiful Purses. It is a treasure to which I will refer over and over. I stand in awe of this incredible achievement – what a fascinating woman you must be!”

Antique Combs and Purses
Antique Combs and Purses
More Beautiful Purses
More Beautiful Purses
Restoring and Collecting Antique Beaded Purses
Restoring and Collecting Antique Beaded Purses

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