Rhett's Tasseled Paper Cranes

Tasseled Crane Mobiles

Tracy Grand Art Gallery

Rhett's Paper Crane Booth at Lodi Sanhill Crane Festival

Paper Crane Booth

Lodi Sandhill Crane Festival

Paper Crane Ornaments on a stand

Crane Ornaments

      I have been folding paper cranes since 2010.  My cranes have evolved and changed over the years.  I started out just using inexpensive origami paper and progressed to beautiful, hand silkscreened Japanese Washi papers.  I have embellished them in many ways, usually adding all sorts of beads and my bead collection has grown to many thousands of beads.  I collect beads from many places including estate sales, thrift shops, bead stores and on line.  Some of my beads are vintage and one of a kind.  It takes me about an hour to put together my single crane mobiles. 
       Choosing the beads to match the papers takes the longest time.  I spend a long time picking through my bead boxes to find just the right beads.
      I have had my cranes at the Lodi Sandhill Crane Festival for 10 years now and enjoy that show very much.  I have had showings of my cranes at other venues as well.
     I enjoy folding and embellishing paper cranes, but my true love is painting.  The cranes help support my art habit!  You can see my paintings and artwork on my Art Gallery

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