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Library Journal
“… An attractive compendium of historical purses and ornamental combs… recommended for general as well as decorative arts collections.”

Antique Monthly
“Evelyn Haertig’s book is a delight… it is a must for every dealer and serious collector of antique fashions and accessories… Throughout these two sections, Haertig entertains the reader with anecdotes, excerpts from old magazines and informative historical notes on style and custom.”

“This is a distinguished book of stunning illustrations, fascinating and informative text…”

The Textile Booklist
“This title is a must for individuals and museums with extensive collections of either combs or purses and will undoubtedly remain the standard publication in this field for years to come.”

Anna G. Bennett
Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco
“… gives encyclopaedic coverage to an under published area of costume history. The author perceives these accessories as social documents and as works of art and she presents them with an archivist’s passion for detail and a collector’s visual delight.”

Grace Wells ~ Valentine Museum
“A much needed book… of great help in cataloging and finding information requested by many individuals…”

Monterey Herald Book Section
“Geared for a wide audience… antique dealers, collectors, historians, designers, and museum researchers as well as the general reader. The book is encyclopaedic and profusely illustrated… the breadth of material covered is staggering…”

Patricia Holt, Book Editor
San Francisco Chronicle
“… an exhaustive, fascinating and beautifully produced 304 page reference work that fills the gap of scholarship on this long neglected subject. … Haertig is an enthusiastic and impeccable historian…”

“In it, hundreds of photographs, many in color, and a thoroughly research text document the history of decorative hair combs and purses.”

Marjorie Miller, Fashion Institute of Technology Library, NY
“… The strength of the book lies in its hundreds of exquisite illustration chosen from leading museum and private collections…. recommended for general as well as decorative arts collections.”

Jeanne D. Graham, Costume Chairman & Curator, Monterey History and Art Assoc., Costume Consultant & Appraiser
“This stunning book is like a museum, no, two museums, to hold in your hands and visit as often as you like. More than half the pages are devoted to good quality photographs with the majority being in full color….. Mrs. Haertig knows both of her subjects thoroughly and generously shares her knowledge of history and construction with the reader. … her book is the result of four years of research in all of the major museums in the world as well as contacts with dealers and collectors everywhere. “

George Michael
PBS-TV Antiques & Americana
“…a text that must remain the standard for many years. The research has been painstaking, she is a fine storyteller and her manor of writing as she must speak is a joy to any reader. Even if you may think the subject matter is mundane, this book will make you a believer. The need has been filled for many who have begged for such a text. Antique Combs and Purses will be a collector’s item in itself.”

Jackie Fay ~ Sotheby’s, New York
“… invaluable to me as an aid to identify and date these charming accessories of the past… impressive research has resulted in a beautiful book.”

Mary Gottschalk, Fashion Editor
San Jose Mercury News
“… it is truly a feast for the eyes.”

Judith A. Hunt,
This Old Purse on Ruby Lane.com: Antique Combs and Purses by Evelyn Haertig is an absolute joy not only for collectors but history buffs as well. This book is filled with the most beautiful pictures of antique purses and combs. It doesn’t stop there though. Ms. Haertig’s love for purses and combs shines through in her detailed histories and descriptions which would be perfectly fascinating even without the pictures. This book could stand alone with just the pictures OR just the writing. Luckily for the reader there are both! One of the real standouts are the pictures of the Persian Crown Jewels and a detailed description of their turbulent history. While I have been strictly an antique purse collector, this book has made me want to start collecting antique combs as well. Highly recommended!

West Coast Peddler
“… overnight the international definitive source book on the subject.”

Ralph and Terry Kovel
“It is the best book available on either combs or purses.”

Art Librarian- University of Calif. Berkeley
“On behalf of the University Library I want to extend our sincere thanks for the gift copy of your new book Antique Combs and Purses. … Thank you for pointing out the review in the Chronicle which I have read. I was impressed that it focused on the volume’s scholarly aspects, but I also thought that a fuller comment could have been made on the book’s fine presswork and of course the absolutely handsome photographs. We are happy to have it!

I think we are very fortunate indeed to have alumnae scholars such as you who continue to remember the University and who enrich the institution by enriching its library collections”

Kyle Husfloen, editor, The Antique Trader Weekly
“… Both parts are very well illustrated, with excellent photographs from modern collections, illustrations from fashion magazines, manufacturer’s catalogues and contemporary photographs which make a nice contrast with the fashion magazine drawings…. The scholarship behind this work is sound and the writing clear…. This title is a must for individuals and museums with extensive collections of either combs or purses and will undoubtedly remain the standard publication in this field for years to come.”

Marthe E.
“The book is lovely and most informative. .. even if one is not a purse or frame collector the book is still enjoyable to browse through. My mom (who is 78) picked up the book to browse and one hour later she is still enjoying it and she is not a collector. She kept calling me over at different purses and frames and she was just so amazed at how beautiful frames were so long ago. She did not grow up owning such a purse. It gave me pleasure just to see her enjoying herself. For that alone, I thank you.”

Antique Combs and Purses
Antique Combs and Purses
More Beautiful Purses
More Beautiful Purses
Restoring and Collecting Antique Beaded Purses
Restoring and Collecting Antique Beaded Purses

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