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Established in 1768
Boyhood home of Uncle Sam.
This website is dedicated to all the people
who have lived in Mason and who live there now.

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SURNAMES S through Z

Transcribed by David Fox of Wilton, NH
These records were transcribed in the Mason Historical Room by David Fox, Wilton, NH July 2000.
Differences in some dates do exist between monument inscriptions and records kept at the Historical Society.

Be sure an look through the entire list for your ancestors as some folks are listed under married names.
Our thanks to David for submitting these records for this website.
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Shattack Lucinda Spalding b 1794  d 18 Nov 1885  91y 8m Spouse: Oliver Shattack
Shedd, Silas b 1776  d 5 May 1855  79y 19m 18d  Spouse: Polly Shedd
Shedd, Polly Williams b 1777  d 8 June 1855   78y 28d  Spouse: Silas Shedd
Spalding, John b 1792 d 9 Nov 1837  45y  Spouse: Eunice S. Russell Spalding
Spalding, Eunice S. Russell b 1794 d 1 July 1835  41 y  Spouse: John Spalding  Parents: Josiah & Eunice Russell
Spaulding, John S. b 1817 d 1890  73  Spouse: Mary Shedd Spaulding
Spaulding, Mary Shedd b 1816 d 1891  75y  John S. Spaulding
Spaulding, Edward M. b 1851 d 11 Oct 1851   5m 11d  Parents: John & Mary Spaulding
Spaulding, Edwin S. b 1858  d 1913  55y   Spouse: Lura M. Elliott Spaulding 
Parents of Roland Spaulding who married Esther Amsden
Tarbell, Hiram  b 1829 d 1889  60y  Spouse: F. Jennie Tarbell
Tarbell, F. Jeannie b 1839  d 1906  67y  Spouse: Hiram Tarbell
Tarbell, Samuel  b 14 Mar 1821 d 8 May 1889  68y  Spouse:  Henrietta Wright Tarbell
Tarbell, Henrietta Wright  b 28 June 1829  d 10 Dec 1902  73y  Spouse: Samuel Tarbell
Tarbell, Georgette  b 26 Oct 1855  d 26 Feb 1869  14 y  Parents: Samuel & Henrietta Wright Tarbell
Williams, Annah  b  1749  d 24 Jan 1833  84 y Spouse: Jonathan Williams
Wright, George E.  b 1867 d 10 Oct 1923  56y  Spouse: Mary E. Wyckoff 
Parents: William & Eliza Annah Elliott Wright  Born in Brookline, NH. died in Yakama, WA
Wright, William H. b 2 Dec 1869 d 26 May 1911  53y  Spouse: Francis Rumsey on Oct 11, 1899
Parents: William & Eliza Annah Elliott Wright
Born in Brookline, NH. died in Seattle, WA
Elliot, Eliza Anna b 16 Mar 1825  d 6 Juan 1916  91 y  Spouse: Edward Keyes, William Wright 23 Dec 1863 
 Parents: Joel & Annah Shedd Elliott  Lot No. 12: Deeded to Keyes. Note states that Eliza Annah is not buried here.

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