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Established in 1768
Boyhood home of Uncle Sam.
This website is dedicated to all the people
who have lived in Mason and who live there now.

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Early School Records from Mason, NH page 2

Roll Call, School District 2,
Winter Term beginning Nov. 16th, 1874, F.D. Parker, teacher

1. Lura M. Elliott 13y 6m
2. Gertie A. Nutting 14y 7m
3. Jennie A. Nutting 14y 6m
4. Ida L. Hodgman 12y
5. Hattie F. (T?) Nutting 13y 7m
6. Hannah F. (T?) Hyde 13y 7m
7. Nellie Hyde 11y 2m
8. Minnie Hyde 9y 7m
9. Lizzie Hyde 7y 8m
10. Hattie E. Brown 12y 11m
11. Etta F. (T?) Brown 10y 6m
12. Nellie N. Nutting 10y 3m
13. Minnie M. Creighton 9y 1m
14. Georgie L. Creighton 7y 8m
15. Finis F. Creighton 7y 9m

1. Lucius B. Nutting 17y 1m
2. Frank E. Tarbell 17y 2m
3. Clarence Elliott 14y 7m
4. Vivaldo A. Elliott 11y 10m
5. Ozro W. Hodgman 14y 9m
6. Elmer C. Elliott 11y 2m
7. Nelson L. Brown 15y
8. Clinton M. Creighton 12y 2m
9. Clarles J. Brown 17y 6m
10. Willis W. Creighton 18y 2m
11. Edwin S. Spaulding 15y 11m
12. Arthur E. Chase 13y 10m
13. Sheldon N. Pierce no age given

Record of Visits made by the School Committees and others:

Miss Minnie Hodgman
Mrs. J. Peterson
Mrs. P. French
Miss Mabel Haines
Rev. D. Goodwin
Miss Ida Nutting

Miss Angeline Elliott
Miss Lizzie Elliott
Mr. Arthur Nutting
Mr. Robert Forbes
Mr. Charles Brown

List of Text Books as have been used.

Sargent’s Series Readers
Arithmetic – Robinson’s Higher & Practical
Greenleaf’s Com. School
Colburn’s & Greenleaf’s Mental
Geography – Groyt’s Series
Grammar – Well’s, Green’s Analysis
Philosophy – Gnuckenbes’s (?)
Algebra – Robinson’s
Book-Keeping – Mayhew’s Practical

Roll Call, School District 4,
Winter Term beginning Dec 7th, 1874, A.G.Stearns, teacher

1. Lydia W. Cumnock  17y 10m
2. Lydia E. Campbell 18y 6m
3. Martha A. Adams  12y
4. Ellen A. Worcester 10y
5. Nellie F. Flagg  10y
6. Irena Worcester 12y 10m
7. Mertie B. Adams 5y 11m
8. Ida White 9y
9. George W. Cummock 20y 10m

10. Samuel Gailey  16y 9m
11. Willie J. Baxter  15y 6m
12. George G. Davis  14y
13. Charles H. Flagg 13y 10m
14. Robert S. Gailey 12y 10m
15. George A. Adams  9y 6m
16. George B. Richardson  8y 2m
17. Eddie H. Richardson  6y 7m
18. Anson(?) Worcester 9y 6m

Record of Visits made by the School Committees and others:

Rev. Daniel Goodwin
Miss Nettie Ford
Mrs. E.B. Richardson
Martha Blanchard
Miss Merriam Polley
Fred W. Lowell
Miss Carrie Parker
Mrs. M. Cummock
Mrs. Agnes Adams
Mr. Wells
Rev. D. Goodwin
Miss Addie Briggs
Fannie Thayer
L.E. Shattuck
Miss Briggs
Miss Thayer
Mr. E. White
Mr. J. E. Dickerman
Mrs. E. Richardson
Mrs. Blanchard

Miss Mary Flagg
Alfred Garbell
Mrs. M.G. Cummock
Ella Shattuck
S. J. Baxter
Addie Morgan
Mary A. Baxter
Mr. L.W. Wright
Mrs. L.W. Wright
Mrs. A.G. Stearns
R. L. Cumnock
Fred Childs
Miss G.A. Ingalls
Mr. H.D. Davis
Mr. G.C. Dillman
Mr. A.E. Stearns
Mrs. J. Ballou
Mary Ballou

List of Text Books as have been used.

Sargent’s Series Readers
Hillard’s Primer (1 copy)
Garyot’s Geography
Well’s Grammar, Tower’s Grammar
Sargent’s Pronouncing Speller
Greenleaf’s Algebra
Greenleaf’s Primary Arithmetic
Eaton’s Intellectual Arithmetic
Eaton’s Common School Arithmetic

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