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Established in 1768
Boyhood home of Uncle Sam.
This website is dedicated to all the people
who have lived in Mason and who live there now.

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Vital Records of Mason Residents in Other Towns

Vital Records of ACTON, MA:

Isaac BULLARD, farmer, of Acton, born Mason, N.H., and Frances A. Lovejoy [publishment of intention of marriage Miss Ann F. Lovejoy of Boston], Apr. 15, 1847.

Ruben HOSMER, of Mason and Elisabeth Cutting of Acton, Jan. 9, 1794. [Reuben of Mason, C.R.1.]

Miss Eliza ROBBINS, of Mason, N.H., and Nathaniel Brown of Acton, publishment of intention of marriage Oct. 11, 1834.

John ROBBINS, of Mason and Nancy Chaffin of Acton, Feb. 7, 1804.

Vital Records of ASHBURNHAM, MA: 

Albridge W. WETEHRBEE, son Josiah L. and Mary W., born in Mason, N.H., Feb. 5, 1840.

Norris C. WETEHRBEE, son Josiah L. and Mary W., born in Mason, N.H., Aug. 27, 1838.

Malinda BARRETT, of Mason, N.H., and Isaac Samson, publishment of intention of marriage Oct. 26, 1823.

Enoch L. BARRITT of Mason, N.H., and Sally Samson, April 12, 1820.

Hannah BROWN, of Mason and Silas Spaulding, publishment of intention of marriage April 8, 1778.

Milley FLAGG*, of Mason, N.H. and Orris Knapp, publishment of intention of marriage March 18, 1824. [p.117]
[*daughter of William Bruce Flagg of Mason, NH]

John JEFTS, junior, of Mason, N.H, and Sally Corey, Jan. 27, 1804. [Jan. 25, church record]

Willerd JEFTS, of Mason, N.H., and Lucy Corey, Jan. 20, 1820.

Ruth LAWRENCE, of Mason, N.H., and Samuel Gates, publishment of intention of marriage Feb. 15, 1809.

Clarissa SMITH, of Mason, N.H., and Phillemon Russell, publishment of intention of marriage Sept. 19, 1835.

From Brookline (Raby), NH Town Records:

marriage: 21 Dec 1790, John RUSSELL to Lefe LAWRENCE, of Mason

marriage: 23 Jan 1792, Samuel RUSSELL to Susanna CAMPBELL of Mason

marriage: 18 Nov 1810, Jonathan JEFTS of Mason to Betsey WRIGHT of Mason

marriage: 14 Mar 1813, Ebenezer J. FLAGG of Mason to Ellis WOODS of Hollis

marriage: 7 Mar 1815, Reuben TARBELL of Mason to Susanna BROWN

marriage: 16 July 1815, Joel TARBELL of Mason to Betsy SHATTUCK

marriage: 25 Nov 1847, Oliver O. DAVIS to Elmira DAVIS, both of Mason

marriage: 6 Nov 1848, George RUSSELL of Mason to Hannah CRAM of Lyndeboro

marriage: 5 April 1855, John CAMPBELL of Mason to Lydia CAMPBELL

marriage: 23 Dec 1863, William WRIGHT to Mrs. Eliza A.E. KEYES of Mason

marriage: 1 June 1882, Arthur E. CHASE to Lelia L. BARRETT, both of Mason

marriage: 18 July 1900, Oscar F. ELLIOTT to Eva F. ELLIOTT of Mason

From Wyman’s Genealogies of CHARLESTOWN, MA, vol 1, pg 348:

Josiah FLAGG of Mason, NH married Margaret HOLDEN” [no date given]
however: Reading, MA VRs, pg 338:

Josiah FLAGG and Peggy HOLDEN (of Salem on intent) married 17 Aug 1794″
Peggy is a nickname for Margaret.

and… a death record in Salem: Salem, MA VRs, page 249, Vol 5:
“death of –?– FLAGG, son of Josiah of Reading, lately of Mason, NH, and wife Margaret from vomiting and purging, 12 Sept. 1800, age 12 months” …[church record of East Church]

Vital Records of LEXINGTON, MA:

Capt. William CHAMBERS, of Mason, N. H., m. Lydia Loring, of Lex, Sept. 26, 1776.

Miss Susan FLAGG, d. of Gershom, of Mason, N. H., died Jul. 28, 1818

Louis FEARING, s. of Willard O. [Mason, N. H.] & Jane H. [New Bedford], died June 21, 1889.

Rufus P. WYMAN, 28, of Woburn, b. in Mason, N. H., s. of Maverick & Nancy, m. Abba A. Nichols, 20, d. of John R. & Abigail, of Wilmington, died Nov. 17, 1855.

James PARKER, 87 y. 2 m. [Mason, N. H.], s. of Sam’l, wid., died Mar. 22, 1890.

From Hollis, NH Town Records [in the book: History of the Town of Brookline

marriage: 7 May 1783, Lt. Samuel FARLEY to Elizabeth POWERS of Mason

Be sure and verify all of the above data!

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