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Established in 1768
Boyhood home of Uncle Sam.
This website is dedicated to all the people
who have lived in Mason and who live there now.

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Early School Records from Mason, NH

School Records from some of the Mason Town Reports

1909, page 23
Roll of Honor for one year:
Gardner W. Elliott, and E. Emerson Smith

Roll of Honor for two terms:
Charles Beck
Frank Beck
James Beck
Alice R. Davis
Walter Creighton
Lottie Hobart
Ruth Newell

Roll of Honor for one term:
Alice Barnes
Lena Barnes
Ernest Barnes
Edith Creighton
Fred Creighton
Marian Hatfield
Sofia Oehlar
Arlene Whitaker
Bertha E. Kirby
L. Adele Russell
J. Almus Russell
William H. Sebo
Rodney Whitney
Henry Webber
Eino Sipoli
Frank Newell
Ralph Cutter
Perley H. Stacy
Louis M. Smith

1947, page 80 Mason Town Reports
ages 5-16 = boys 16 girls 21 = 37 students
Townsend High School = 5 students
Greenville Elem. School = 10
Sacred Heart Parochial school = 2

1952, page 75  Mason Town Reports
primary grades 1-3 = 27 students
grammar grades 4-8 = 26 students

Roll Call, School District 2,
Summer Term beginning April 20th, 1874 closed June 26th, 1874, Lizzie L. Knight, teacher

1. Minnie Creighton age 8y 8m
2. Georgie Creighton age 7y 2m
3. Francis Creighton age 7y 2m
4. Leira M. Elliott age 14y 11m
5. Jennie A. Nutting age 14y
6. Hattie F. Nutting age 11y 8m
7. Nellie Nutting age 9y 10m
8. Hannah F. Hyde age 13y 2m
9. Nellie Hyde age 10y 8m

10. Minnie Hyde age 9y 2m
11. Lizzie Hyde age 7y 4m
12. Ida Hodgman age 11y 6m
13. Alice M. Lee age 8y
14. Clinton M. Creighton age 11y 7m
15. Elmer C. Elliott age 10y 8m
16. Vivaldo A. Elliott age 11y 5m
17. Ozro W. Hodgman age 14y 3m
18. Sheldon N. Pierce age 9y 8m

Roll Call, School District 2,
Fall Term beginning Sept 7th, 1874 closed Oct 16th, 1874, Fennie D. Parker, teacher

1. Leira M. Elliott age 15y 2m
2. Hattie F. Nutting age 12y
3. Pola L. Hodgman age 11y 8m
4. Nellie Nutting age 10y
5. F. Francis Creighton age 7y 6m
6. Minnie M. Creighton age 8y 10m
7. Georgie L. Creighton age 7y 7m
8. Hattie E. Brown age 12y 8m
9. Etta F. Brown age 10y 4m

10. Nellie Hyde age 11y
11. Hannah F. Hyde age 13y 5m
12. Lizzie Hyde age 7y 7m
13. Minnie Hyde age 9y 6m
14. Edwin S. Spalding age 15y 8m
15. Ozro W. Hodgman age 14y 7m
16. Vivaldo A. Elliott age 11y 8m
17. Clinton Creighton age 11y 10m
18. Elmer C. Elliott age 11y
19. Sheldon N. Pierce age 9y 11m

Record of Visits made by the School Committees and others:

Miss M Raddin
Rev. D. Goodwin
Rev. Mr. Wells
Miss A. Wells
Miss Alice Conant
Miss S.J. Spaulding
Mrs. E. Hutchinson
Mrs. F. Nutting
Mrs. Elliott
Miss G. Nutting
Mrs. G. Keyes
Mrs. L. Hartshorn
Miss M. Hartshorn
Freddie Elliott
Eva Hodgman

Mrs. Wm. Wright
Master George Wright
Master Willie Wright
Freddie Elliott
Miss Cora Creighton
Mrs. W. Brown
Mrs. G. Creighton
Mrs.Chas. Elliott
Mrs. J. Ridout
Master C. A. Ridout
Mrs. Raddin
Mrs. H. Hodgman
Mrs. A. Elliott
Rev. D. Goodwin
Miss J. Goodwin

List of Text Books as have been used.
Sargent’s & Hillard’s Readers
Robinson’s Greenleaf’s & Collin’s Arithmetic
Garyot’s Geography
Quickenbo’s Grammar, Grun’s Analysis
Quickenbo’s History
Robinson’s Algebra
Sargent’s Speller

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